Homo Economicus

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
I can't make the picture any bigger, so please click on the link to read the cartoon at the site.

What is the assumption in this picture?

Why is this man's actions not okay?

The cartoonist portrays 'normal human courtesy' as the Homo Sapiens.
Do you think the first picture is really about normal human courtesy?
Isn't there also an economic assumption implicit in that scenario?

Why is this woman's statement not okay?

What about this statement is an economic decision?

What is the difference between these mens' statements?

What do you suppose is the point the cartoonst is trying to make?
Do you agree with his points?

Build Your Own Damn House

Today's going to be a little different. Instead of a concept to think about, I want to read a story together.
This story is about a person who's made a place for herself in the world, and the way she's done it is really interesting. I guess I want to discuss what it means to find your own path, and how it is that you arrive at that path.

THE TROUBLE COFFEE & Coconut Club (its full name) is a tiny storefront next door to a Spanish-immersion preschool, about three blocks from the Pacific Ocean in one of the city’s windiest, foggiest, farthest-flung areas. As places of business go, I would call Trouble impressively odd.