Money & Relationships

What is our relationship to money?
What is money to our relationships?

Our economic system has certain ideas about how things, people and services should be valued. How do these ideas affect our social life, family life, work relations and partner relationships?

The Money and Relationships Workshop is based around questions and concerns brought up in the book Debt, by David Graeber.  The workshop sessions are as follows:

1. The Market Society
2. What Makes Relationships Work?
3. Business or Friendship?
4. What Do We Owe Our Parents?
5. Cash or Credit?
6. Money and Morals

Here are some of the questions we're going to explore:
How does competition affect our relationships with other people? Can you compete with somebody and still be friends with them?

Certain jobs, like nursing, require that a person get emotionally involved. How is this emotional labor different than friendship? Can you turn your emotions on for money?

How does our attitude about money affect our partner relationships? Is it easier to talk about sex or money with our intimate partner? Who should earn the money in the relationship? Why does it matter?

What do we owe our parents? Parents spend a lot of money and time raising their kids. Is this a debt that the kids then owe their parents? Can it be repaid?

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