Teaching Resilience

What is resilience?

Resilience is a term that people are using to describe how we can prepare for the upcoming climate upheavals and the inevitable economic upheavals that will accompany it. We need to build resilience into our institutions and social practices in order to move through what the decisions of the last 50 years are bringing us.

Margrét Pála is an educator in Iceland who has unconventional and useful ideas of how to prepare children for their lives, and subsequently prepare society for our future.

Let's talk about her recommendations:
Training for all human qualities
Compensating for weaknesses of boys' culture and girls' culture
Learning to master your own life
Creating your own solution
Reducing competition
Try new things, break the frame, try unexpected things
Learn to tolerate adversity
Learn to keep trying
Learn to be in community: discipline and identifying with your team
Learn how to handle mistakes
Be responsible
Have courage: being able to stand up and continue.
Or the courage to start over again.
Or to have the courage to tackle difficult tasks
Training to be bored.
Learning to be in community: Closeness, cooperation, having feelings, helping others, respect, communication, how to behave with other people.

Let's share what each of us already knows about these qualities.
(Because all of us already have experience with each one of things things for sure!)