Technology to Make People More Human?

Last week we discussed Antisocial or Metasocial, and discovered, at the very end of the TED video, this intriguing plea:
"And so that's the request I have for everybody in this room. We are creating the technology that is going to create the new shared experience, which will create the new world. And so my request is, please, let's make technologies that make people more human, and not less."
We had a very short discussion but realized we'd run out of time last week. And so tonight the question is:
"Can you make people more human?"
I mean:
CAN you make people more human?
Can you make them less human?
Is techology the way to do it?

Is this even asking the right question? What is the speaker really trying to say?

Another idea we touched on:
"In the beginning, humanity changed technology, but nowadays, technology changes humanity."

What does it mean to say this?
Do you agree?

And finally, during the discussion someone said,
"Humanity is the mother of techology."
That person thought it was the Nokia slogan, but that turned out not to be true. Also Google says it's not a phrase that can be found as quoted. Regardless, this is also an interesting assertion.
What could this statement mean, if this were true?
Do you find it to be true?