The Market Society

What role should money and markets play in our society?

What's the difference between having a Market Economy and a Market Society?

Michael Sandel's answer: A Market Economy is 'a valuable and productive tool for organizing productive activity. A Market Society is a ... place where almost everything is up for sale, it's a way of life where market values seep into almost every domain of life.'

What makes somebody an asshole?

What kind of social behaviour do you normally complain about? Drivers? Pedestrians? People in the subway? People in a line, or people in a 7-11 or in a restaurant? Stories?
Think of someone whose behaviour really pissed you off, either in your personal life, or in the news. Stories?
What kind of social behaviour do you find irritating? Stories?

When you encounter behavior that upsets you, or irritates you, do you try to excuse the person? Does your forgiveness or not of the person depend on what kind of person it is?

What makes a person an asshole?
What's your definition of an asshole?

Is being an asshole mutually exclusive to being a good person? Can someone you consider an asshole also be a good person?

What makes something 'socially acceptible'?
What makes something 'standard behaviour'?
What is a 'social norm'?
Is a 'social norm' the same as a 'social good'?