The Occupation of the Legislature

There has been a lot going on in Taipei this last week, with the protests at the Legislative Yuan. I would like to give people an opportunity discuss these events. So we're going to have a discussion this Friday 3/28 (8pm) at the RO Studio.

There is a simple discussion format called ORID, which starts from talking about facts, to discussing emotions, and then goes to analysis and making decisions. The 'decision' part could either mean deciding what to do, or deciding what the issues mean to you in the end.

This format is designed to manage conflicting emotions and meanings in a complicated situation. I would like to use this format to structure this discussion, but as always, we'll follow the structure loosely rather than strictly.

The WEIRD Ones

Western culture is seen as the global standard. But is it normal human behavior?

The Ultimatum Game.
The rules are simple: in each game there are two players who remain anonymous to each other. The first player is given an amount of money, say $100, and told that he has to offer some of the cash, in an amount of his choosing, to the other subject. The second player can accept or refuse the split. But there’s a hitch: players know that if the recipient refuses the offer, both leave empty-handed. North Americans, who are the most common subjects for such experiments, usually offer a 50-50 split when on the giving end. When on the receiving end, they show an eagerness to punish the other player for uneven splits at their own expense. In short, Americans show the tendency to be equitable with strangers—and to punish those who are not.