Democratic Oversight: How to make it work?

Discussion will be held Friday, April 4 at 8pm Address and Map

Continuing our discussion of the student movement currently happening in Taipei, let's discuss the the four demands of the students occupying the Legislative Yuan. According to a fb poster inviting people to the March 30 gathering on Ketegalan Boulevard last Sunday, these are the four demands:
1. Withdraw the Services Trade Agreement With China
2. Pass new legislation to ensure democratic oversight of any negotiations with China
3. Review the Services Trade Agreement with China after such legislation has passed
4. Convene a Citizens' Constitutional Assembly

Let's first review some of the terms here:
What is 'democratic'?
What is 'democratic oversight'?
Are there any other terms you would like to clarify and discuss?

Okay, now let's look at items 2-4 one at a time, considering the following questions:
What is the process by which these things are currently dealt with?
What are the conditions for effective process? For effective discussion? For effective decision making?

Who should be involved in making these decisions? How do you invite people/decide who is to be present?
What level of participation by the public constitutes fair representation of all sectors?

What is the process by which it should be discussed?
What are some possible processes? Which one is more appropriate?
How do you determine when something has been adequately discussed?

What format do you use for decision making?
What are some possible formats? Vote? Caucus? Discernment?
How do you ensure the agreement is fair?

How do you deal with dissent?
How do you deal with people getting angry?
How do you deal with conflict? Conflicting concepts? Conflicting opinions? Conflicting ideals?

What kind of timeline is appropriate for this process? How do you make sure the process isn't too short, or too dragged out?