Freedom! And The Fear!

Lyrics for The Fear

When Francine said last week that she wanted to talk about free will, I asked her over Line to say more about the topic. She ended with a sentence:
“When we grow up, we get more physical freedom but less freedom of will. That's because of the fear.”
I understood immediately! But then when I sat down to pull information together for this article, I found that I didn’t understand at all. What is The Fear? Is it maybe different for every person?

Lily Allen made a song entitled The Fear, and it catapulted her to superstardom. It really resonated with people. But is her The Fear the same as what Francine mentioned, or is it different?

So let’s talk about this sentence! When you hear it, what do you think of?
“When we grow up, we get more physical freedom but less freedom of will. That's because of the fear.”

What’s the difference between freedom and free will?
"Freedom" is the actualization of a social idea. It isn't just meant for one person, but for all who wish to partake of it. It is the physical, social, and political fruition of a dream, if you will.
"Free will" is autonomy, a somewhat inexplicable advanced cognition that all homo sapiens have.

"Free will" is the personal ability to make a choice, informed or not.
"Freedom" is the political/social/cultural climate where your "free will" may or may not be actualized.
A five year old has the free will to choose to eat nothing but candy, the parents will likely not provide that freedom.

Free will is the ability to make choices and freedom is to select a choice made by freewill and act on it.
Free will is every person's natural birthright to make their own decisions and choose their own path.
Freedom is the physical and mental ability to exercise that free will, and is also a person's birthright.
Freedom is two parts - you can be mentally free (saved, awakened, enlightened, etc), but not physically free (incarceration, slavery, etc);
You can be physically free, but not mentally free (from stress, worry, anxiety, etc).
To have both physical and mental freedom is crucial to a true sense of freedom.

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