404: Relationship Error

"The 404 page is that. It's that broken experience on the Web. It's effectively the default page when you ask a website for something and it can't find it. .... It's inherently a feeling of being broken when you go through it. And I just want you to think a little bit about, remember for yourself, it's annoying when you hit this thing. Because it's the feeling of a broken relationship."

What kinds of relationships are there in the world? Everyone list 5 kinds of relationships.

Does anyone have a story about being let down by a relationship, any kind of relationship? How someone or something failed to provide you what you needed?
What's your emotional response when a relationship lets you down?

When I say "a broken relationship", what image or story comes to mind?
What's the first thing you feel, or what's the facial expression you want to make?

What do you think are the qualities that makes a relationship work?

What's your take on these statement?
"A mistake tells you about our relationship: it tells me what you're not, or it reminds me why I should love you."

"An error is a chance to build a better relationship."

Extra discussion if we have the time or interest:
Is there a connection between relationships and identity? Is there any relationship with the people you connect to and your image you have of yourself? Does the frustration of a relationship affect your sense of identity?